Date of company Registration : 27 November 2007
Register NO : 0105550123648


Brandex Directory Co.,Ltd aims to develop the high quality advertising media in different groups of customer and social relation, also to improve our personnel on services more professionally.


  • We are the leader of advertising media productions; printed media, website, multimedia, digital media, technology, and social networking.
  • The professional consultant and planer of marketing survey in both national and international markets, including of being the central business relation completely.
  • To provide sale promotion services to industrial entrepreneurs in both national and international industry.

Brandex Directory Co.,Ltd is found by Khun Chada Kochansri, which former name in 2004 is Brandex Company Limited and later has changed organization structure into Brandex Directory Co.,Ltd in 2007. The beginning of directory advertising media is under the copyright name BRANDEX DIRECTORY and distribute toward manufacturing industry by focusing on industrial estates.

In 2009, according to the survey of purchasing departments and factory managers, which are the consumer in using our media services, suggested to our company that should improve data and information about products more precisely and has compatible with those target group. Therefore, the company has remedy our directory structure cover with Advertising & Specification in the catalogue. By using modern technology, the combination of the concept with printed media is successful in 2012 under named The Catalogue (Thailand Industrial Guide) that linked to, also increasing of distribution on urban factories and 25 provincial frontiers.

This 2015, the grand welcoming year of ASEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (AEC), our company set on the concept “How progress your business step into the world stage…find out what strategy enhance and strengthen business network and extent the good relationship among a group of dealer in secure trading permanently…” We emphasis to take offensive strategy in promoting those entrepreneurs enter to the wholesale market in Asia such as international product exhibition, in which published media as Localized Publication. In addition, the name TEEM ASIA (Thailand Enterpreneur to Enter AEC market) will linked to directly, connect with API SERVER at Singapore Hosting and generate to different groups all over Asia Pacific.

With the launch of Brandex more 12 years now, we are the lead consulting company, move on the offensive strategy and organize a one stop service of publishing media for industrial sectors. We also rank the first leader in adapting modern technology onto different printed media. In Asia Pacific, we serve as best adviser in giving suggestion of proficient suppliers for industrial purchasing staff and organize wholesale market survey events (Asia Wholesale Market Research & Connection Trading). In this 2015, we plan to deal with Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia respectively. The above of all is the important factors in leading Brandex into the professional consulting company and become the effective planner, which help to promote a good quality of organization image. Consequently, we will complete the company mission and move forward to industrial factories in Thailand and international central markets absolutely.